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Fiber optic cleaner

  • CLETOP-S Type B Fiber Optic Cleaner
CLETOP-S Type B Fiber Optic Cleaner

CLETOP-S Type B Fiber Optic Cleaner

  • Model: ZJ
  • Cleans per cartridge:400+
  • Connectors:SC, FC, ST, DIN, D4,MU, LC, MT, MPO
  • Weight (g):150
  • Product description: CLETOP-S Type B Fiber Optic Cleaner

Easy to replace tape cartridge

The tape can be replaced very easily by a "drop-in" cartridge.

One push operation

Available for both left hand and right handed operators.

Anti-static propeties

Has excellent anti-static properties for static sensitive applications and can avoid reattchment of dust to the ferrule after cleaning.


Ferrule φ2.5mm φ1.25mm
Type Type A Type B
Part No. 14110501 14110601
Shape of rubber pad
Cleans per cartridge more than 400 times more than 400 times
Connectots cleande SC, SC2, FC, ST, DIN, D4 MU, LC, MT, MPO, MT-RJ
without pins, Biconic
W × H × D mm
125 × 85 × 35
Weight (g) 150 150
Packaging 1 1
Remarks - -
Consumables Replacement cartridge blue
(6 pcs/set)
Replacement cartridge white
(6 pcs/set)
Part No. of cosumable 14110700 14110710

Notice1:请不要使用本产品为其他purposes than cleaning ferrule end-faces.
Notice2:The cleaning perforrmance may change depending upon the environment and contamination types.